Anna Pirolli


I am a Junior at Saint Joseph's University. I am a double major in Food Marketing and Communications.

Why SJU?

I chose SJU for the Food Marketing program and because I fell in love with the campus. Being from New Jersey, I wanted to be further away from home, but still close enough in case I needed something fast.

Worth It:

Before entering SJU and learning that Food Marketing was even a major, I took pictures of food. For a while, I just took pictures and it stayed on my phone. It wasn't till a year or so later I created a Foodgram account and posted my pictures there. The account started off as just food pictures. I realized that I could do more, so I started writing reviews for the food. I started gaining traction from restaurants to work for them. Unfortunately, most of the restuarants were based in NYC. The more I did it, the more I developped my own style. It was really cool seeing the restaurants write me back after I posted about their food.