My Reflection

This class has been very interesting. I never imagined taking a Communications class. I came to Saint Joseph's University for their Food Marketing program. Going into my Sophomore year, my friends had been talking to me about the Communications program. I did not know much about what communications even was. It seemed so broad and the people I knew that were majoring in it wanted to work for companies like Buzzfeed or go into PR. When I decided to add communications, I had to figure out how it could benefit me in business. My experience thus far with the Communication classes has been pretty interesting. My first class, I learned how to use various Adobe software, such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I found these softwares really fun to learn and mess around with. I got to create my own business card, which I really liked. I also learned how to make small videos for Hawkchill. I never really used iMovie before, so this was really fun to learn. I also created my first website using WordPress. It was really frusterating im the beginning, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to add and create a whole menue bar with various tabs. Taking Web Design this semester has taught me a lot. I did not realize how much time it would take to fully comprehend how to propperly code. I had to learn how to prioritize and manage my time when it came to this class. I got frustrated a lot in the beginng because I felt like I was behind and because my computer kept glitchimg, so I could never tell whether or not my website wasn't working because of me or because of my computer. I am still struggling a little bit with coding, but my comprehension is much better. My website looks underdeveloped to say the least because I had to start over again. It is unfortunately not where it should be, but it will be soon. Being a Food Marketing major, I wanted to make sure I could relate what I was doing in the classes to my field of interest. I thought that creating a website, creating a business card, using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign,, Adobe Photoshop, learning basic coding, wtc. is extrememly beneficial and amazing that I got the opportunity to learn these skills. I wish the business school taught us how to do some of these skills because they are all very valid in the work field. I hope to continue practicing and improving my skills in these areas. I want to eventually be able to confidently present my resume and if asked about those skills, be able to do them efficiently. I see it as a way of making more money by providing more services than one typically would in business. Instead of hiring multiple people for various postions, the employer can hire me to do all of it. What: I love helping people. I want to possibly go to Law School because I want to be able to bring justice to people who cannot get it by themselves. I think that it is really important to have a variety of skills and have a basic knowledge on certain things in the possibiity in helping someone. Why: My goal is to go into business and become established. Eventually, I will retire after I feel like I have acomplished all that I can and use the money I have made and work at a school for kids who do not have a good upbringing or live in a poor neighborhood. I have worked with kids in Trenton and I will be working with kids at the Gompers School. I believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to have a good education. Resources and money are one thing, but having teachers motivate, inspire, and encourage students to do better is what I really want to do. I always loved kids and I always loved teaching them. I found it truly impactful when I was with kids who didn't know what it was like to be congradulated on something. How: I want to use my job experiences to teach kids. I hopefully will have made money, making resources more viable to get. I watched a video on a business man teach at a run-down school and in the beginning he was having trouble getting his students to pay attention. It wasn't until he talked about life in the business world and having the kids do case studies that the students paid attention. They saw the value in having an education.